Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pedia matching type

Matching Type: match column A to Column B
Write answer in the space before the number


1. Cat’s cry
2. Down’s syndrome
3. Cretinism
4. Prone position
5. Olive like mass
6. Sausage like mass
7. Gluten free diet
8. Ribbon like stool
9. Medicine dropper
10. Hypoxia and dehydration
11. Vitamin K
12. Iron
13. Vitamin B12
14. Never palpate abdomen
15. Proteinuria
16. Sunset eyes
17. Prevent adduction and extension
18. Rotate injection site
19. Squatting
20. Do not use tongue depressor


a. Sickle cell anemia
b. Trisomy 18
c. Trisomy 21
d. Cri-du-chat syndrome
e. Phenylketonuria
g. Erythroblastosis fetalis
h. Development dysplasia of the hips
i. Choanal atresia
j. Otitis media
k. Croup
l. Cystic fibrosis
m. TOF
n. PDA
o. Atrial septal defect
p. Hypothyroidism
q. hyperthyriodism
r. Congestive heart disease
s. Transesophageal fistula
t. Pyloric stenosis
u. Hirschprung disease
v. Intussuception
w. Celiac disease
x. IDA
y. Aplastic anemia
z. Leukemia
aa. IDDM
cc. hydrocephalus

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  1. mam kaylan po ung quez nmin sa pedia na postpond knina?? 4A1-5 po